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Hey, thanks Yvonne, I will check that out!


I discovered a great diet community website ...sparkpeople.com ...free...totally free info, motivation, exercise, menu planning and grocery lists, all kinds of expert articles...i am impressed with this website. just thought i would let you know!


Thanks for the comment, it sounds like it is tough for you to get that exercise. You might try one of the latest fad machines, an eliptical, more gliding, less pounding. I don't own one, but I know people that do and they love them.


I got fat in my 40's, got diabetes, and now i continue to get fatter even tho i eat better than i ever have....why? Insulin injections controlling the blood sugar are piling on the pounds. Exercise is only an answer if you have strong knees and feet. Had two surgeries on both. Do the treadmill 30 minutes a day, after that time i cannot walk for the rest of the day. So i exercise as late as possible. its a ring of fire.


So. Very. Inspiring. Thanks!


Thanks all. Felicity, go back and re-do it with you being active, I bet it cuts your chances in half.


VERY good post. Thank you for posting this...


bleagh. i got a "10." Probably the only place that would rate ME a ten.


Good post, FB, very good post. Exercise, exercise, exercise - the one thing Americans are truly bad at and it's the easiest thing we can do to help prevent diabetes. We all know how hard improving our diet is, emotions are tied up in our diets and then there's body image and stuff. So exercise is the answer, the quick and easy answer. So why the heck aren't we exercising????!!! Wait, you are exercising, I am not, darn it!


My husband and I are both type II diabetics. We are doing better at controlling it. What an adventure. Keep working out because it really does matter.


My mom, aunt, and mother-in-law are diabetic; so were several of my grandparents. my doc swears that the only thing that keeps me from the curse is my love of running. So, I keep doing it!

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